Draugiem Group's smart home heating system, Istabai, is now available for purchase with payment instalments

December, 2016

Payment instalment plans make Istabai more accessible for homeowners in Latvia.

“Technological advancements have been improving our lives for decades. Cars are regulated by climate control, smartphones can accomplish more than we ever thought was possible, cleaning is made easier by dishwashers, washing machines, and robot vacuums. But one area where innovations have been lacking is the home, where we spend most of our time. 2017 will be the year where home heating will be made modern with tech,” says Istabai's CEO, Janis Lindermanis. He adds that Istabai is already used by homeowners and institutions in Great Britain, Ireland, Holland and Norway, where the local government covers up to 60% of Istabai's cost.

Although Draugiem Group's Istabai is cost-effective in the long term, with the average homeowner saving up to 30% on monthly heating bills, Lindermanis found that new users are hesitant to pay in full upon purchase. The company's survey found that most new users prefer to pay for Istabai in instalments, similar to smartphone and appliance payment plans.

“Our hope is that soon, the Latvian government will offer incentives to support energy-efficient home solutions, similar to how home heating has been supported in other countries Istabai has already been used,” predicts Lindermanis.

Anyone interested in the Istabai system can test it in person at the Latvenergo Energy Efficiency Centre in Jurmala, or at the Draugiem Group office in Marupe.

As of December 2016, Istabai systems for homes, apartments, and office buildings are available for purchase with interest-free instalments, starting from €9.38 per month, based on each user's needs.

Istabai is part of Draugiem Group LLC and  product development and prototype manufacturing take place at the Draugiem Group office. Istabai is mass-produced for distribution at Latvian and Lithuanian electrical factories and individual parts are supplied by German company Siemens. In 2015, Istabai earned a €224,300 turnover and €43,450 profit.

For more information, please visit the Istabai website: